6 march 2003.1100pm

cody : have you ever had a blueberry fritter?

ashley : no! it sounds delicious

cody : so good, it's like a blueberry cake donut and an apple fritter got together and made a giant, delicious baby

cody : in.

cody : tense.

ashley : new band name: giant delicious baby

i havent slept in over 36 hours and now, instead of just being in a foul, bitchy [-er than usual, i mean of course] mood, im comtemplating the possibility of having superpowers that are only fully actualized when i dont sleep. also i've been dancing to mtv hits much more than usual. i dont know which one is worse or if theyre connected, somehow.

cody is coming this weekend/bitches betta recognize. slow yo roll, who brung ya? who brung ya?