28 june 2005.119 am

I'm a farm boy that loves evil.

I'm a satanist, and gay. My favorit kind of guys that I want to meet are: Satanists, leathermen, men of darkness, warlocks, pedophiles, prostitutes, and all men that love evil.
I love evil, and want to be with other men that love evil, and want to do evil. I like to talk about evil things, and discuss with others ways of doing and being evil. I'm an evil boy.


Man do I love evil and evil men. Evil men are the best they get me so hard. I only like men and don't like woman at all. I'm not like a lot of gay men that like woman and like to hang around them and even like to be like them. I like masculine men and like to be and do masculine things my self. I love Satan am a Satanist and I woeship him. I like leather jackets and, whips, guns, and tight leather pants. I also like skinheads with swastika tattoos. I like men that are evil and do cruel things. I'm very evil myself. I would love to meet other male satanists to talk to. I also like black metal music.