14 december 2002.209 pm

bork gave me all of his old computer games since he has a new fancy computer that wont play games from 1994. my two favorite ones:

  • "dark colony: flesh burns. metal melts. BOTH SCREAM." the back of the box says the game features "visceral and immediate destruction with massive fiery explosions." i havent actually played it yet, or even opened the box. i dont think i need to.

  • "oregon trail II." it came in a limted edition wooden box that had oregon trail insignia BURNED into it [!]. its just like the old one, except its INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT. shut up, its hard. my wagon group keeps dying of accidental gunshots and scurvy. and dysentery. and snakebites. and then jed got an "unidentifiable illness" and refused to die, thus infecting and killing everyone else.

    the oregon trail is KICKING MY ASS. i dont know why pioneers ever went west.

god i need a real life, not an 1860s simulated one.