24 november 2003.115 am

this weekend was spent in santa cruz. highlights:

- cody and i saw a dude sitting on the corner of the sidewalk with his legs spread as far as they could go, as he talked to two police officers. i bet there was a really good story behind how he ended up in that position, but i didnt stick around to hear it.

- d-bone [formerly known as "david"] and i decided to start a new band: spider baby goo. and by "start," i mean, "we'll talk about it a lot and will continue to do so until we forget about it. no actual music will be produced, of course." our first lp is going to be called "rat booty."

- i went to the lowdown/die monitr batss/old time relijun/numbers show at the porter soundbox on campus. it broke down as follows:

  • the lowdown: cancelled.
  • die monitrr batss: HOTT.
  • old time relijun: totally awesome, i have a feeling they would have been even more awesome if i was stoned out of my gourd.
  • numbers: didnt see em.
  • price: $7, way too expensive.
  • venue: SMELLIEST VENUE EVER. air that bitch out sometime!

- ann and i were discussing the cold and how it was appropriate to stick your hands in your armpits to warm up, and then ann said she wished she had a large bosom to keep her warm. i made a sort of hand motion towards my very own big tits [aka "funbags"], which in turn prompted ann to hug me while placing her head between my said funbags and nuzzling. this marks both 1. the funniest thing i have ever seen ann intentionally do and 2. the conclusive proof to my theory that my breasts get casually touched more often than usual. you know youre my friend if youve touched my boobs. HAVE YOU??


someone asked me in my guestbook how i know about google searches that yield my diary. answer: magic. magic also tells me that the same person has been doing google searches within my diary for things like "music" and "water" and "shoes" and "kill" and "beautiful" and "vintage" and "pink" and "shirts" and "feminist" and "walls" and "emo" and "yo" and "grade" and "dude" and hey." HEY NEW STALKER WHO ARE YOU?