23 july 2001.1041pm

everybody is fucking miserable. everybody is sad and bummed and morose and all the other goddamned synonyms you can think of.

i should be unhappy, but i'm trying not to be. because fuck being unhappy. i hate being unhappy. i do have enough things to worry about:

i'm moving to college in less than two months. i want to move out of california in less than two years. courtney and i ran out of things to say and are consequently not speaking to each other. i need to keep up appearances and i haven't been at all. etc etc etc.

and everybody else is depressed: you have no money. you feel neglected. you can't talk to the person you like. you hate your job. you lost your job. your car is broken. you tried to overdose on pills. your boyfriend dumped you. your roomate's an asshole. you went back to being straight edge and now you are "bored". etc etc etc.

at least we are all miserable together.