03 january 2006.141 am


THANKSGIVING: you know when you stand around the kitchen and hold conversations with other people who are standing around the incredibly small kitchen while other, more useful people are trying to cook? dont ever do that, ever again. i was actually paid to cook the family dinner, but in between trying to fold mushroom puffs and being crowded by people discussing cheap wine, i snapped. and by "snapped," i mean i went in the bathroom and ate way, way too many of the hash cookies i had in my purse, which conveniently kicked in just before we sat down to eat. that's pretty much where thanksgiving ends, in my memory. im sure we all ate, but i mostly remember commandeering the tv for hours.

CHRISTMAS: my mother gave me a $20 korean version of dance dance revolution called 'dance party' that consists of a mat that directly plugs into your television and also features pinball and whack a mole. the graphics are almost as good as nintendo. not super nintendo, just regular nintendo. dance party fucking rules. i'm really, really shitty at it, and i still think its fun.

NEW YEAR'S EVE: i drank dom perignon and girl drinks, but before that bobby and i watched "march of the penguins," which came in at the last second to be the SHITTIEST MOVIE OF 2K5, JESUS. maybe it was just that i expected it to live up to the hype, or maybe its just that it was a national geographic documentary shot like a crappy hollywood film. i aint falling for it.

SO: 2005 was better than 2004, in part because 2004 was the worst year of my life, even beating out 2002, which previously held the title of Worst Year Ever. 2005 would have had to be horrendously awful to beat 2004.
2006 better be completely incredible. i'm placing my bets on it.