12 march 2004.229 am

i got this stuffed animal at a thrift store:

it's a giant bumblebee with a huge, erotic tongue. and before all you psuedo swedish chumps crawl all over my ass, i'm well aware that it's from ikea. i will say though, this is the first thing i have ever purchased from ikea [be it indirectly, but still] that hasnt broken/exploded/disintegrated as soon as i got it home. it was totally worth the $1.50.

...however, can we get back to its unnaturally large tongue? do bees really have tongues like that? where is a beekeeper when i need one? i'm not going to even get into his "stinger." this bothered cody so much that he had to express it in animated gif format:

p.s. comment here plz. EDIT: um i meant comment on the actual post i linked to, which is different than EROTIC BEE, although all EROTIC BEE sentiments were appreciated.