18 august 2001.104am

funniest night ever at the gilman. the blood brothers put on quite a sassy show.

good quotes of the night:

1. ashley - "did you guys do anything at the fair? like eat a funnel cake?"

lindsay - "well, i got fries, and andrea got a chocolate covered banana, but she was nervous about eating it in front of the carnies."

2. ashley - "it's going to be awesome. modest mouse is playing with the shins."

lindsay - "the shints? like s h i n t s?"

ashley - "no, like the front of your leg!"

lindsay - " 'shints' is better. it sounds like a word. like 'you shint be doing that!'"

3. (ashley and lindsay walking down the street, making grabbing motions with their hands, and speaking wesley willis style:) "let's get you naked....in the sewer...ooooh"