7 august 2001.1142am

let's credit these to spaghetti before bedtime.

1. i was in santa cruz with my dad. we went to this outside cafe, and he was drinking beer with his friends, and i was sitting by myself. the the entertainment came on, and it was morrissey, so i was stoked. i felt bad that he wasn't getting a lot of attention, so i went and talked to him after his set. he invited me to his aunt's house. while i was there, he gave me a hug and told me he liked my no bullshit attitude, and he gave me a pin and a pillbox with 3 of those smashed pennies inside. then i went back to santa cruz in a mad rush, but my dad was still drinking beer anyway.

2. i saw this play about a girl ("debbie") whose mother killed her lover. in turn, debbie went insane and killed her mother. the next morning, at like 1 am, the mailman was banging really loudly on my door, so i woke up and he was the scariest person i had ever seen. he was really gaunt looking and his eyes were all sunken in, and he handed me a box of envelopes. when i looked at the porch, it had a bunch of little packets of sugar and drain cleaner everywhere, and a scalp from a girl who had blond and pink hair. the scalp was all bloody and creepy so i started screaming and crying. i was supposed to do something with the drain cleaner, sugar, and hair and mail it to a bunch of people. i didn't want to at all. the most vivid emotion in the dream was complete and total fear.

and then i woke up.