20 august 2002.142 pm

last night i had mega ultra freaky dreams.

1. i dreamt about this guy that killed a midget, and he tried to hide it by securing it at the top of the door. this obviously didnt work, and someone found it when they opened the door and the midget fell on him. then all these midgets with deformed faces attacked the murderer. WORST DREAM EVER. slept with the light on the rest of the night.

2. i was hanging out with lindsay at my house, and i started to recieve messages on my television [because it was hooked up to my computer, you see] from megan. i started to electronically talk to her when all of a sudden, she just appeared in my living room and told me my computer was broken. the television screen looked fine, but megan told me to go look at my computer in the next room. my computer's screen was all fucked up, and it was making this awful awful noise, the kind of noise i bet you get if you step on a baby. and it refused to shut off, and even after i unplugged it it still made scary noises and the screen was still on.

also i had a dream where the foxy fine gilman boy and i were at a bonfire and he was super mean to me, but i don't want to talk about it.