21 june 2003.330am

i went and saw melt banana tonight with cody because melt banana is SO FUCKIN RAD i can barely handle it. there were 4 main types of people there:

  1. Tall Skinny Computer Nerds Who Exclusively Date Small Asian Ladies.

  2. Big Dirty Metalheads Who Were There not Only for the Music but Because Yasuko O is Their Absolute Filthiest Wet Dream; they hella had cameras and im pretty sure that theyre all home masturbating by now.

  3. Hipsters Who Mostly Came for Numbers, the second opening band.

  4. Me and Cody.

there were many other groups there too, not limited to but including Gothic Anime Fans, People Who Look Like Other People I Know, and Shitty Friends I Had in High School, but the aforementioned 4 were the most important.

and hey did you know that if you go into safeway around 1am, no one will ever come up to the checkout counter and help you, so its okay to just walk out with your stuff without paying? no one will stop you because theyre too busy stocking cereal boxes. i also found 27 cents in the change machine there: thus marking the first time a grocery store ever paid me to take stuff. true story. goodnight.