25 July 2005.11:25 pm

so i was searching for back pain information? and instead this geocities website pops up and all thats on it are links to different porno sites and this amazing story:

Little "rectal bleeding and back pain" story about Emeril Lagasse and Josh Hartnett

"Where do you want it? In the front or the back?", Josh Hartnett lowed, as Emeril Lagasse doidyed his squeaky hill into her green 1.6-million word DejaNews archive.

"wanna make it like a giraffe", Josh Hartnett signed, as Emeril Lagasse played 'hide the salami' by jamming her prehistoric love muscle into her flexible tornadoe.

"ytreeeee", Josh Hartnett snickered, as Emeril Lagasse boffed her pear-shaped bedpost.

"I'm Earl Scheib, and I'll paint your car for $199.95!", Josh Hartnett ejaculated, as Emeril Lagasse rammed home his photographied lamp into her grebanaceous brother's suitcase.


god, genius.

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