5 may 2003.148am

its 130am and there is some chump-ass white fool screaming about his mom's vagina on russell simmons def poetry jam. did i mention i dont like most poetry? no surprises there, hopefully.

this weekend c dizzle and i drove around in my tercel and talked shit and smoked 7000 cigarettes apiece and bought winter coats, we bought winter coats because we are "hipsters" and we say fuck the "weather," and fuck the "seasons," and fuck the fact that we "live in a place that rarely neccessitates heavy woolen fur-lined overcoats."

now theres a white chick screaming about anal sex and shes overdoing the crappy impressions and overeager gesticulations. and shes dressed poorly. i pity you.

i bought a videotape for 30 cents that has one 3 minute music video on it. the music video is "love shack" performed by what appears to be 5 faculty members/chaperones from [if the credits are correct] the monte vista grad night 2002, standing in front of a bluescreen with computer generated images behind them. god bless the swap meet. im starting a collection of these, send me yours now.

skinny white man talking about jam master jay and love. who let all the white people on tonight? theyre all bad performance artists.... not that there is any really awesome performance art. ha ha. no really.

this is currently my desktop picture, created in photoshop in a record 3 minutes. i thought it was cute for the first 10 seconds but now it just makes me want to vomit out of all my orifices. youre free to use it for your own computer, it really helps in curbing your online time to a minimum. f'reals.

whoa, angry asian guy talking about love and tiny genitals! saved the WHOLE SHOW!!

........my birthday is on sunday. what are you getting me?