9 october 2003.1053 pm

man i bought so much stuff today! lets have a list shall we?

*jesus coloring book volume 2 - "baptism" through "sermon on the mount." $0.30 cents.

*a vhs copy of "terminal bliss" starring luke perry, aka dylan on 90210. i found the the tagline ["he had everything, but nothing was enough."] rather enigmatic. also, the back of the box compares it to "heathers" and "the river's edge," which i HIGHLY doubt, but its worth a shot. plus the imdb said if i enjoyed this movie i should enjoy a movie called "the clown murders"... i already like that movie. $1.00.

*an autographed copy of me talk pretty one day by david sedaris. i felt sort of hypocritical buying this, because im very vocal about how im the only person in the entire world who isnt his #1 fan. ive just never been able to focus on any of his novels [and here i'd like to point out that i have a moderate case of hyper focus, which makes it even stranger to me]. but im going to read this book, cover to cover, so i can at least have an opinion on it. it couldnt possibly be as bad as that gus van sant book im reading, right? $0.40.

*a scary stories stuffed dog because i dont have enough pillows and stuffed animals on my bed, $0.79.

*this tape:

yeah, it looks like a parody but its totally serious. the music makes me cry. $0.25.

*a beautiful small collection of pictures out of a photo album at thrift center:

yeah, thats a rat on his head. click on the picture for the rest of the collection. $0.00, stealing is bad dont do it kids.

also, ive been getting lots of good stuff for cody's birthday. i love it when i can get birthday presents out of dumpsters!