18 november 2003.945 pm

today when i was getting in my car to pick up the children i nanny, i noticed there was a person laying on the ground between my neighbor's [and yes i do mean the totally insane neighbors who like to collect cans and rifle through each others can caches at 5am, instigating huge screaming fights about the true owner of each individual can, JESUS] fence and their crappy blue truck. i figured it was a sleeping, if not dead, hobo. as i was trying to figure out what standard dead hobo procedures consist of [call the police? tell the person whose yard he died in? wait for other hobos to come feast on his flesh? they never teach you what you need to know in school], they got up and i realised it was actually two teenage kids dryhumping. apparently its hott to make out in the gravel in middle class residential areas, especially in front of the local crack den. when they realised i was looking at them, they scampered off. i only wish i took pictures.

in other news, this is the best picture ever taken of cody:

and this is what war looks like.