26 september 2002.703pm

all throughout my psych exam [like in school, not some test to determine whether i.m crazy], i had p diddy songs running through my head. therefore, i failed the test. fuck you, sean combs! first you don.t fly on an airplane to perform at the giant hiphop concert last december, cancelling the entire concert and wrecking my dream of seeing ja rule, nelly and ludacris all at the same time, and now your bitchass won.t shut up in my head. p.s. your sean john shit is ugly. jesus.

if anybody out there knows of any books concerning nightmares/night terrors, but that don.t have anything to do with tantric sex, you let me know. all the sleep disorder books at the library here are either about dream interpretation or tantric sex utilizing dreams. what a sexy library.

remember when sting used to save rainforests all the time? and now he just has sex for like 17 hours at a time? what about the rainforests, gordon sumner? they.re still dying while you.re having marathon orgasms.

man, NO ONE cares about ANYTHING anymore.