23 july 2003.708 pm

uhhh in case you didnt know:

  • monday and tuesday nights are cheapo nights at the santa cruz boardwalk, so lindsay and bradley and sarah [damn, she doesnt have an online diary i can link to] and i drove down there to do things like go on the cave train adventure [neon dinosaurs and cavemen!] and eat x-treme fried foods, like deep fried twinkies and deep fried snickers bars. carnival foods are totally badass, im jealous of people who live places where deep fried chocolate is more common. midwest people party hella hard!!

  • all cody and i have done for the past couple of days is watch bad sequels to stephen king movies on digital cable. "pet sematary 2" is way better than "children of the corn 4." you might want to write that down.

  • the best episode EVER of "knight rider" is the one where michael knight [david hasselhoff] has an evil twin named garthe [david hasselhoff with angry eyebrows and a full beard, until he shaves it off into a moustache and soulpatch], and garthe has an evil semi truck named goliath, which of course is obviously no match for kitt [voiced by mr feeny from "boy meets world"]. its a two parter, so its like a movie! i love you, michael and kitt!

  • cody found a KNIFE in my couch and i have NO IDEA where it came from!!!!!