7 december 2003.930 pm

my car decided to break a few days ago, since everything else in my life was going well enough for me to stop worrying about my car. its still running, but the driver's side door stopped opening from the outside, and when you drive a two-door hatchback and your wardrobe consists mainly of knee length pencil skirts, this is very, very inconvenient. of course, i didnt know exactly how inconvenient it could be until my father attempted to fix the door himself, which resulted in the door not opening from either the inside or the outside, or the window working at all, oh and hey theres no panel on the door it makes the car SO COLD SO COLD! also, im sick. rock.

and i was just informed by one of the kids i tutor [i've dropped out of college three times and parents still want me to tutor/nanny/mentor their children... I AM THE ROLE MODEL OF THE FUTURE] that when i was leaving their house on wednesday night, my hubcap fell off. thats not embarassing or anything. JEEZ.

to make me feel better, the season of giving is upon us, and i personally love it when i am showered with presents. suggestions: books, nun stuff [figurines, exploitation films, wimples], things that are shaped like other things [i.e. cd cases shaped like food, purses shaped like amplifiers and logs], original artwork by you or your younger siblings, etc i like stuff. GIFT MEEEEE