29 march 2003.845pm

bewarethemothman : i just had the most incredible idea ever

backtothefuschia : what???

bewarethemothman : EVER

bewarethemothman : ok, the first part is the hard part

backtothefuschia : ok

bewarethemothman : we build robots

bewarethemothman : or cyborgs, if you will

bewarethemothman : then

bewarethemothman : this is the genius part...

bewarethemothman : we get our cyborgs jobs as us

backtothefuschia : wait i see where this is going!!!!!

bewarethemothman : and they will bring us home paychecks

bewarethemothman : and noone will ever know!!!!!

bewarethemothman : its ALMOST possible

backtothefuschia : except the building cyborgs of us part

bewarethemothman : yeah

bewarethemothman : but once we get over that hurdle, its clear sailing forever

bewarethemothman : it'd be worth the work

backtothefuschia : tru dat

yeah, i still cant get a job. at least cody cant either, and broke-ass misery loves company.