10 december 2003.717 pm

outkast is being sued by rosa parks for defamation of character? i think everyone needs to slow their roll a little bit. obviously the perfect response to this whole situation is this: big boi and andre 3000 [best rap name ever] start their own interstate bus line. you know, like greyhound, but way more dope. there arent any seats in the buses because there is a nonstop dance party going on inside. the only thing at the back of the bus is a full wet bar. everything is decorated with faux fur and gold lamé and bling. and if you aint crunk they throw your ass off the bus. im not sure what sort of statement that will all make but hot damn its a good one.

in other news, im highly sensitive to dextromethorphan, which makes having a cold somewhat more interesting; however, it also makes certain tasks [driving, focusing my eyes, walking without falling down] much more difficult. also now "non-drowsy" apparently means "borderline narcolepsy." fyi.