10 october 2004.1248 am

so i listen to the radio in my car [read: a 1980s panasonic pink boombox that was a lot cooler before the strap unraveled and the tape deck stopped working] a lot. breakdown as follows:

songs i really like and will rock out to:
- journey, "open arms." self explanatory.
- dio, "rainbow in the dark." twice now i have gotten out of my digital animation class to be welcomed by this song, which is obviously some sort of sign from god, showing that He loves me.
- any songs on 98.1 kiss FM, who says they play oldschool and contemporary r&b, but its mostly all 1980s funk with lots of synthesizers. the best was when nicole from san jose called in and begged them to play "word up!" by cameo, like its not in CONSTANT ROTATION ALREADY. its the equivalent of calling your local adult contemporary station and asking them to play john mayer's "your body is a wonderland." more on that later.

songs i fucking hate:
- the metallica song about killing osama bin laden. at least i think that's what its about because ive only heard it for about 4 seconds at a time, because as soon as i realise its metallica i change it.
- almost any song on any country station, because i don't really know what happened to country music to transform it from sad bluesy music to sexy tractor incest songs. i think it happened in the 1980s.

songs that i dont like, but ive heard 7000 times and consequently know almost all the words to the choruses, so i keep them on and sing along:
- john mayer, "your body is a wonderland." john mayer's lyrics are so bad that i thought i misheard them, but i was actually completely correct.
- avril lavigne, almost any song ever but specifically the ones that are like "all this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending, whoa oh, whoa oh" and "did you think that i was gonna give it up to you? ay yi yi". she isnt cool anymore right? all the little girls who liked her moved onto ashlee simpson right? when all you watch is reruns of "roseanne" and "fear factor" inbetween reading books, you fall amazingly far out of the loop of pop culture.

songs that i like until i realise its franz ferdinand:
- pretty much any song by franz ferdinand, and i rationalise with the fact that i heard morrissey likes franz ferdinand.

in other news i may get a job slinging coffee to yuppies, not starbucks. more details to follow.