i went to my cousin's 8th grade graduation where we were privileged to hear two girls from the graduating class sing. the singing itself was poor, but im sure its a memory i'll always treasure. the first girl sang a song by sarah mclachlan that had lyrics such as "i wanna feel your warmth on me." i saw a lot of parents crying for her nervous, 13 year old warblings, while i was internally screaming HEY! DOESNT ANYONE ELSE THINK THIS SONG IS ABOUT BONING??? the second girl sang, inexplicably, the love song from disney's cinematic masterpiece "aladdin." magnificent.


cody : so i was talking to ollie last night

cody : about how he cant go back to the harbor area of santa cruz

cody : cause the police are looking for him

me : hahaha what?

me : why?

cody : for breaking into jack o'neills backyard to jump on his trampoline at 7 am

[jack o'neill is the founder of the o'neill wetsuit company. ive also been told he has an eyepatch because he got hit in the face with a surfboard and summarily blinded in one eye, HARRRRDCOOOOOORE]


me : man i love ollie

cody : yeah, me too