4 february 2003.1033pm

so missy elliott's new video is just like a giant pile of amazing that only gets better when LUDACRIS pops up, seemingly out of nowhere. only luda could make something already phenomenally wonderful even moreso. i also enjoyed the airbrushed picture of lisa "left eye" lopes, aaliyah and jam master jay. when i die, in addition to cremating and celebrating my remains ["smoking my skeleton ass"], i expect my friends to airbrush several pictures of me in different locations, including but not limited to the side of a building, the back of a denim jacket, and the hood of a car.

i also watched "american idol" tonight. im such a GOOD AMERICAN!!


matt: im moving to LA

me: whats in los angeles?

matt: ive landed a part in an indepedent film i hear its very high class, ill be nude and allow several men to penetrate me repeatedly and ill be paid 60 dollars

me: why are you always the lucky one?