15 August 2003.3:24 pm

i got a manicure today and it took at least twice as long as a normal manicure, because i am not normal: after my cuticles got snipped, my fingers started bleeding and they WOULDNT STOP. this was terribly embarassing as all of the small vietnamese manicurist ladies came over to observe my bloody fingers and jabber in an extremely foreign language. painful green antiseptic was dumped on my hands, which made the scabs on my fingers turn black, which the manicurist would then pick off, which would start me bleeding again, repeat for an hour. such is my life.

tonight the plan is to go see some victorian-era pornography at the midnight movies, and then on saturday im going to the san francisco underground short film festival. if you live in the area and youre a fan of the hitler/dino picture [at the top of my diary, dumbass], you should go to this, because chris [the guy who made it, his name is in the bottom right corner, if you never noticed] made a film thats going to be shown! its about MUPPETS having SEX! go! go NOW!!!!!!

[if you think i wrote this entry for any reason other than to plug chris' movie, youre hella wrong.]