29 june 2003.1143 pm

same old same old you know: thrift store shopping/rummage sale rummaging/psychedelic dolphins/party at lindsays parents house/mtv hits/old friends/pot smoking/rum drinking/opossum dancing/pimp documentaries/poking at dead things with sticks/veritable smorgasboards orgasboards orgasboards/get rich quick schemes/mariah carey/zombie movies/driving around in my car listening to the same buzzcocks song over and over again and singing the lyrics incorrectly at the top of our lungs... its the same episode every week, i just dont get paid a million dollars for it.


cody got a tattoo


and we took this picture out of a frame at savers

if you dont think those kids are scary, youre wrong.

[p.s. i think im going to transcribe some of the prison diaries, if you want to read them tell me and ill email them to you.]