30 november 2002.126 am

middle of november through the end of december is my least favorite time of year because its the time of year that people need to be SCREAMED AT and BITCHSLAPPED [dare i say cockslapped?] the most, and youre not supposed to do it because its the HOLIDAY SEASON. however i thought i'd try to be chipper and look at some things i like about this time of year:

  • presents. [buy me dan clowes' the manly world of lloyd llewellyen and i will luv u 4 evr]

  • fat jewish boys with yarmulkes in chinatown. they might be there year round, im not sure, but there's a WHOLE LOT of them whenever i go around christmastime. [i'll spin your dreidel baby]

  • holiday decorations on houses, not limited to but including manger scenes on rooftops, multiple baby jesuses in one scene, zombie santa, santas in wheelchairs, and giant light up signs that say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS" [see here]

  • "christmas in hollis" by run-dmc [i better hear this one a LOT this year, god bless you jam master jay]

im tired, it was a long day of purchasing things on "dont buy anything day." guess THOSE people were WRONG!

[i'm chillin and coolin just like a snowman]