25 may 2005.128 am

my life in the past two weeks:

1. i went to get a comprehensive eye exam and for the third time in my life i left before seeing the ophthalmologist but after getting dilating drops squirted in my eyes, making the rest of the day an adventure in squinting uncontrollably while trying to drive. the optician estimated my vision at 20/800. i guess im not technically legally blind because i have 20/20 vision with corrective lenses, but 20/800? i cant even see the gigantic E on the chart. they left out The Talk about how the vitreous gel is clumping in my eyes and maybe one day my retinas will detach but please dont worry you're young and someday your vision might plateau here please take this pamphlet! also dont even ask about contacts.

2. school is almost, ALMOST out for summer and i am so happy and tired of it. i am registered for 19 units next semester. its going to be awesome when im working full time and trying to finish all these classes and BAM i have an aneurysm in the middle of film history. i hope my head explodes all over someone i hate.

on the lighter side of school, i wrote a seven page paper on sirkian melodrama and its relevance to 1980s america in under four hours, and i got an A. i'm pretty sure if i had started it in the month and a half before it was due, it would have been so good i would have received a trophy and possibly a medal of honor. i am a genius.

3. my car is getting fixed. my dad was so worried about the possibility of the car shearing its axle and me dying in a fiery wreck that he decided to pay to fix it. i was just planning on driving it until it stopped working and then leaving it wherever it died, but this is a much better idea.

4. my back hurts, all the time. its a pretty sweet excuse to take tylenol pm all the time, but laying on the floor gets old really fast. i think its a combination of poor posture and big tits, neither of which i see changing in the future.

5. speaking of the FUTURE::: tentative plans for the future involve cody and me living somewhere in the bay area [peninsula] with at least one other undetermined roommate. we are going to decorate the house with all of our collectively amassed art and at some point, get a dog. its going to be uncontrollably awesome. especially if i get to name the dog pierrot le fou. long french names are really funny for pets. people too, but i dont see myself naming any people in the near future.

but who knows. we'll see, we'll see.