16 November 2003.1015 pm

friday was cody's birthday party, KARAOKE THEMED. it was lots of fun for the two hours before the santa cruz police broke it up, because the santa cruz police have nothing better to do than break up parties and arrest teenagers for skateboarding illegally.

also the party was chock full of friendsters, since the party was posted on the friendster message boards [ann, im wagging The Finger Of Shame at you, but its cool because this is what happened to ann [at least this is what i understand, i was sort of drunk when i heard this]: at codys party ann was the one who opened the door to the police who broke the party up; then ann went to another party, and opened the door to the same policemen 20 minutes later. ANN = PARTY MACHINE 2K3!!]. so many hip kids smoking on the balcony, i was like HEY WHY DIDNT YOU JUST STAY AT THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL AFTER THE RAPTURE PLAYED YESTERDAY, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A TOTALLY DECK SLEEPOVER, BITCHES. im pretty sure the friendster people only came because they wanted to make more friendsters. i hope they were all appalled when cody and i sang a rousing rendition of "toxicity" by system of a down.