16 november 2001.12:45 p.m.

i was thinking about all my friends and their cars and everybody who has driven me around to one place or another, and i realised that 90% of the guys have tried to get me to drive their cars. it's always some boy with a nice, stick shift car: "hey, you wanna drive? no license? that's fine. i'll tell you when to press down on the clutch and i'll switch gears for you." i assume they were trying to total their cars for the insurance money (with the exception of bork, who sported a 1984 subaru GL that smelled like armpits and cigarettes. it died last spring. RIP subie.), because the best way ever to completely fuck up your automobile to the point of no recognition would be to let me drive. twenty minutes, tops, and i'll have it in pieces, scattered all over the road. it's a talent, i think.

this was supposed to be about how my dad said he'd buy me a new stereo system for the tercel if i got my license before next quarter, but it came out much more eloquently this way.

i think.