1 july 2004.1022 pm

today when i was at the grocery store buying ramen, tortillas, ice cream sandwiches, and pirate booty™, i started zoning out, trying to figure out if i had enough money to get any sour apple altoids, and thinking about how sad it was that altoids don't figure into my budget [but pirate booty does? i digress]. the checker in the line next to mine is this husky guy who i've always thought was sort of cute but always rude to me, in the short, curt, avoiding eye contact, here are your purchases missus morearok [hint: not how you pronounce my last name] you saved $2.18 not looking at you not looking at you haveanicedaybye way that made me think he was a jerk, or a weirdo. and you know how you know when someone is staring at you? i turn around and while he's waiting for a credit card to go through he's staring at me, and when i look at him he tips his hat at me.

and when i say "tipped his hat," i mean he was dressed in full western gear: cowboy boots, wranglers, cowboy shirt, cowboy hat, smirk, etc. and no one else was dressed up.

this is the first time a man ever seriously tipped his hat at me. a lost art.