24 september 2004.1140 am

yesterday i was walking to my car after class, and this guy that has stopped me to hit on me multiple times started walking behind me. i pretended he wasn't there, and then he started talking to me about morrissey, which is probably what i deserve since i was carrying my purse that has morrissey patches on it, and wearing my shirt with a morrissey pin on it, and driving my car that has morrissey decals on it. conversation as follows:
him: hey, did you go to the concert last weekend?
me: no, i didn't. he cancelled because he had laryngitis or something.
him: oh yeah?
me: yeah, he's cancelled a lot lately. i dunno, morrissey is getting kinda old.
him: yeah, maybe he would feel better if he started having sex with someone... you know, other than himself... uhm, uhhh....
me: [pauses for a second to register what he just said and starts laughing at him for being really creepy]
him: oh, god. [turns and runs away in shame]
nice try, buddy.
in other news, i desperately want a dancing boohbah. look at their website! who doesn't want one??