22 october 2004.1145 am

so. it turns out that the $3000 worth of repairs needed for my car is just what i would need to have done if i was a responsible car owner with lots of money. since i am broke and irresponsible and i drive a car that is probably now technically classified as a go-kart, i opted to drive it until it dies, which it did in a blaze of glory just yesterday in an intersection. i had enough momentum going to coast through and pull over to the side so i didnt die in a fiery crash with a hummer [my car vs a hummer would be like an orchid vs the huge magical black man in "the green mile." not happening].
after he came and picked me up and looked at my car, my father insisted i could still drive it as long as i never let off the gas. please reread that last sentence and i want you to think about how difficult it would be to drive a car that you CAN NEVER STOP OR IT WILL SHUT OFF. also this is all coming from a man who drives a corvette.
currently i have no car, no job, $67 in the bank, a $150 cell phone bill and while i am listing my problems can we talk about my hair? goodness.
i must apologize for being unbelieveably uninteresting. most of my new stories are better told with gesticulations and they havent advanced that far in emoticon technology yet.
does it make me a bad feminist if my dreams for the future involve being a housewife?