27 june 2003.1239 pm

i went and saw mirah last night, and no im not a homosexual but a lot of the other people there were. homos and scene kids, and a few weird old people because there are always some weird old people at any given event in santa cruz. it was one of those shows where everyone sits down on the floor and is quiet except for polite clapping after each song. during rebecca pearcy's set there were a lot of straight couples fondling each other to the point of near insertion. ugly scenesters doin it in front of me... you guys can all roll over and die, thank you.

mirah played at about 1am because its hella "deck" for shows to run late, or something. and then on the walk back to codys, a british man asked for a blowjob, and then offered to fellate himself after we declined. apparently it was the Night of Dirty Public Sex, mark your motherfuckin calendars for next year, kids.

and then i drove over 50 miles in under 40 minutes, since i needed to get home ASAP because one of the other 4 cars out on the road at 2am probably had a murderer in it who was going to kill me because i was driving, poorly, at 90 mph with my brights on. im such a good motorist.

and now im home and its so hot that my posters and religious paraphrenalia are sliding off the walls. the sean na na poster was first, followed by my sacred heart of jesus [painted on tin by my mother] and im sure the crucifixes are slowly moving southward.... jesus is angry.