25 March 2003.836pm

if i was one of those people who posts meaningful lyrics in their online diaries, i would post the lyrics to r kelly's "ignition," because that song is, beyond a doubt, one of the greatest achievments in popular music today; in only a truly wonderful world could a man pee on a 14 year old girl on video, get arrested, and still have a hit song.

also, while we're on the subject of top 40 hits, i would like to point out the sudden influx of skinny young white males with nerd glasses and fashionable hair [from here on out referred to as "indie boys"] in rap/hip hop music videos, either dancing or just kickin it. mark my words: hip hop and indie rock are going to converge; indie rock kids are going to start rapping and hiphop dancing and rappers are going to start wearing vintage tshirts and tighter pants [i.e snoop dogg in the video for "beautiful"]. its already starting. i know this is true because 1. im never wrong and 2. whenever cody and i like something it becomes popular six months later. guaranteed without fail. just wait.

in other news, all i do all day is drink bitter coffee, smoke, and rent creepy movies. im like an existentialist but i dont write anything meaningful. maybe im just bored.