28 september 2002.1207am

yesterday, i was sitting at a bench on campus reading a book, and my friend rolled up to me and we started talking. i say "rolled up", in the literal sense, since she.s in one of those motorised wheelchairs, kind of like a rascal? or something. she.s really angry, like me. but with better reason, i suppose. anyway, we.re talking, and i stand up and start stomping my legs, saying, "man, my legs feel all sleepy."

now, please realise that i IMMEDIATELY feel like a jerk, saying that to my crippled friend in her wheelchair while i mindlessly flaunt the use of my fully capable lower extremities, when she says, "i.ve never felt my legs. THEY.RE PARALYZED." i.m an asshole. AN ASSHOLE.


me: "i.ve been listening to a lot of mirah lately."

someone else: "really? she.s a lesbian."

me: "wow, that.s a shocker. i never thought that a female folksinger from olympia would be a homosexual."


no but i have. will you buy me her cds? i don.t have any money. at least burn me copies. if you do we can negotiate a trade. for reals.