18 april 2003.245am

gordon : your johnny rockets picture is good, by the way

me : good, no one else said anything about that sweet sweet picture

[ps you all can curl up and die for not giving me tons of wonderful praise for that beautiful piece of art, fuckers]

gordon : it's rad as ass

me : we wanted to put giant sweat stains under hitler's armpits but we forgot

gordon : hahaha

gordon : i like how the kid is blacked out with a question mark

me : thats because he's you, you being whoever is looking at the picture

gordon : hahahaha

me : that was my idea, im into fancy art stuff and shit

gordon : it made me think a lot, ashley

gordon : a lot about myself, and hitler, and when hitler served me a malt at johnny rockets

me : did it made you think about hitler serving you a milkshake of oppression?

gordon : that's what he did, it was the malt of oppression

gordon : and then he served me the fries of squalor

me : and the chili dog of genocide?

gordon : and the equal packets of iniquity and cultural shame

me : fuck i love metaphors

gordon : hahaha yeah


me : how come no one else talked about how great our picture is?

cody : i think it comes down the the fundamental rule of the world:

cody : everyone is stupid but us