03 March 2006.554 am

for several months bob and i ate breakfast almost every weekend at doug's place. it's one of those diners that has almost no menu except for an extensive breakfast one ["omelettes a specialty!"] and its always insanely busy yet has almost no wait for a table. its in a shopping center with an albertson's, a papa murphy's pizza, a bank, etc. but most importantly, THE WOLF CAR

the wolf car is always parked in the same place, without fail, every time we go to doug's. bob, who used to be a server, insisted that it had to belong to one of the waiters at doug's, since it was there without fail every weekend morning and the same people were working every weekend morning.

i marvelled at the wolf car for weeks. so many questions came to mind. where do you buy gigantic decals of a fatty wolf? if you put gigantic decals on your car, wouldn't you be really into washing your car all the time? why would you choose a saturn as the car to properly display your lupine fantasties? did i mention it only technically has three rims?

i got very close one time and peeped in the windows and saw seat covers [tribal flames, naturally], binders and folders [cal state hayward student maybe?] and a baby car seat [THERES A WOLF BABY?!?!/?]. theres a jedi academy alumnus sticker on the back, and the license plate frame plainly states that 'MY GOD CAN BEAT UP YOUR GOD.'

out of all the waiters, we unanimously decided that the guy who always works the very back room, and always wears shorts with either hawaiian shirts or polyester shirts with tribal flames on them, and for weeks wore his ipod shuffle around his neck while he was serving tables - not listening to it, just wearing it, and carries his sunglasses in a case on his hip, and wears a small mystical wooden pendant on a leather strap, must be the guy.

and one day, when we had gone to breakfast bright and early at 145pm, when the breakfast shift people were leaving, we actually saw mystical tribal flame ipod man get in the wolf car and drive away. its wonderful being right.

a couple weeks later, we were at doug's waiting for our food to come, when bob draws a picture of the wolf car on his paper placemat. unfortunately i don't have a picture, but it was an amazing rendition for being stoned at 9am with nothing but a black bic, trust me. we bring it up to the cashier, and ask her if we could tape it up on the wall with all the crayola drawings from little kids. "HA YOU DREW SCOTT'S CAR? YOU GUYS ARE FUNNY!"

we stopped going to doug's as much. overkill, maybe. but the last time we went, the cashier actually stopped "scott" and told him we drew the picture. he was totally stoked. hella wolf pride.
doug's is in castro valley. you can't miss the wolf car, i promise.