22 april 2002.1058 pm

me: amanda, you'll tell me the truth.

amanda: yes.

me: just exactly how bling-bing is this purse?

amanda: oh DAMN!!!!!

amanda: now, imagine that said with a spanish accent.

amanda: that's how tight this purse is.


on sunday, my dad woke me up at 930am with this:

dad: "hey ash, do you have any cds by enya?"

me: [muffled tired groaning] "no, why the hell would i have cds by enya?"

dad: "yeah, she sucks. i think it's yanni in drag."


guess who gets another driving lesson saturday? yeah, that'd be me.

gabe: "so, are you feeling more comfortable driving? are you nervous?"

ashley: "i feel great. not worried at all."

gabe: "good, because i have fucking veins popping out of my forehead."