17 august 2003.438 am

in the past 24 hours ive seen roughly 30 short films, and id say that maybe 4 of them could be categorised as "okay." allow me to elaborate:

12 of the shorts were victorian pornography films that were shown in the lobbies of european brothels - that sounds incredibly interesting, right? well after an hour youre really bored of these hairy french women doing it with dirty french men. the most offensive short was a tie between the one with two "geisha" who make it with a man in one of those conical hats they wear when theyre workin in the rice paddies, and some nun orgy porn that included a priest, an altar boy and a fluffy white dog [i swear to christ i am not making this up].

the rest of the films were from the sf underground short film festival, where the audience was mostly composed of drag queens, art fags, fag hags, gothic kids, film students, and myself, side note - im on my period and im mood swinging so hard im thisclose to hitting someone in the face. obviously a recipie for disaster, as im easily irritated and this crowd was basically the most irritating people on the earth, and naturally i was lucky enough to be seated right near their leaders. if i ever see any of those 5 obnoxious whores ever again, i will walk up to them and tell them to be assured that they have a mortal enemy.

but not like it actually mattered if they talked through the entire two hours, because while most of the films had wonderful ideas, most of them were poorly executed. the most insane moment was before the films started, when the drag queen band [because queens dont do showtunes anymore, blame it on hedwig] was playing, and the song was so long, so so so so so infinitely long, that i think its acutally still playing. it really is infinite. like, even thought i think i finished listening to it when the movies started, im still listening to it right now, because that GODDAMNED SONG WILL NEVER END. actually that was a theme of the night, the song was too long, some of the short films werent short at all, the whole festival was too long, i want to stab everyone with a long serrated knife, etc, etc.

the best part about all my bitching is i saw all these movies for FREE. imagine if i had paid for them! man id be PISSED!!