31 december 2003.1233 pm

the other night they showed a bunch of smiths videos on vh1 classic for apparently no reason other than to please me, and it was totally sweet. so much homoerotic dancing with a heavy emphasis on the hip circles and pelvic thrusts. inbetween videos they showed johnny marr talking, he said lots of stuff like "blah blah blah im old with a bad haircut buy my new album all the instrumental smiths songs sucked." morrissey 4 lyfe.

other things that happened:

- i didnt have to nanny last week or this week, but i got called in to "tutor," and the reason i put "tutor" in "quotation marks" is because instead of "tutoring," i basically "wrote" and "typed" the "whole" "essay." i rule. if anyone else wants a two page double spaced essay about the miranda act [8th grade level], let me know. $30, cash or check.

- i smoked pot while listening to bob marley, so for those of you who just have a vague dislike of me for no particular reason, now you have a concrete, valid reason for hatred.

- christmas was mostly bad, but i got some presents that will make you envy me further:

this is a portable michael jackson record player, complete with tiny microphone. my gift from lindsay. all rocking out from here on will be courtesy of The Gloved One.

the kids i nanny gave this to me for christmas. yes, your eyes don't deceive you, its a sequined cheeseburger pillow. they know me so well! i was thisclose to crying when i got it because its so perfect and i was totally on the rag.

and im still waiting for codys christmas present to me, which will undoubtedly be fanfreakintastic.

tonight is new year's eve, and i will probably be so drunk somewhere that if i have your phone number i will call you. don't say i didnt warn you.